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AY0062-2 child size rhinestone stretch ponytail holder 50% off (limited Qty)

FL0020 Silver Glitter (comes with glue) : 50% off

BC0010 - Black bun cover with rhinestone : 50% off

HA0060 Black mini top hat with flower & feather 50% off

NE0001 Rhinestone necklace & earrings set - 50% off

AY0116 Aquamarine SS20 Hot Fix - 50% off special

AY0117 Lt.Sapphire SS20 Hot Fix - 50% off

JS0003 Crytal Jewelry Set - 50% off

JS0002 AB crystal Jewelry Set - 50% off

JS0001 Rhinestone Jewelry Set - 50% off

HC0085 Peach bow hair clip with long tulle : Clearance Sale $1 until quantity last

HC0084 Dark pink bow hair clip with tulle: Clearance Sale $1 until quantity last

HC0114 AB leaf hair clip : Clearance Sale $1 until quantity last

HC0113 AB crown hair clip : Clearance Sale $1 until quantity last

HC0090 Large pink flower hair clip - Clearance Sale $0.50

FC0302 Black Feather Hair Corsage

TR0609 Large Tiara Head Band with AB stones - 50% off

AY0383 AB single stone earrings - 50% off

AY0383-1 AB single stone earrings screw back clip-on 50% off

HP0127 small crown hair pin 20 pcs pack 50% OFF

PT0162 Multicolor flower ponytail - 75% OFF

JD0007 Velvet Necklace Display - 50% OFF - Cystal products will stand out on Black Velet!

GL0010 Child size satin gloves in Hot Pink - on sale

GL0054 Adult size long satin gloves in Royal Blue

GL0053 Adult size long satin gloves in Hot Pink - on sale

AZ0031 Bun cover Peach - 50% off

AZ0031 Bun cover White 50% off

AZ0031 Bun cover Lilac 50% off

AZ0031 Navy Bun Cover - 50% OFF

CO0091Crystal hair comb - on sale

JD0008 Black Jewelry Display - on sale

JD0005 Earrings display board - 50% off

FC0160-1 Red rose hair corsage with veil

FC0150 Black fascinator - on sale

FC0100 hot pink feather corsage - 50% off

HB0190 Pink flower polka dot head band - Clearance Sale

HB0180 Pink flower head band - Clearance Sale

HB0170 Pink flower head band with sparkles - Clearance Sale

K258 Dance (9.5 x 3 inch) Online Special 50% off

BH0010 Rhinestone Brooch - on sale Limited Qty.

BH0040 Brooch with pink accent stone - on sale Limited qty.

BH0020 Rhinestone Brooch - on sale Limited Qty.

WB0003 Hair Bun

WB0002 Hair Bun - on sale

WB0001 Hair Bun - on sale

EA0100 rhinestone dangle earrings - 40% discount

AY0369 rhinestone dangle earrings - 40% off

SP0027 Ballerina necklace with pink stones

SP0026 Yellow bracelet with ballerina & toe shoes charm

SP0024 Ballerina & crown hair clip set

SP0022 Ballerina necklace with black stones

SP0021 Ballerina neck lace with pink rhinestone

SP0020 Pink heart rhinestone bracelet

SP0019 Pink ballerina key chain

SP0018 Red star tatoo sticker with swarovski stone

SP0017 child ponytail hair band & hair clip set

SP0016 child pink hair clip

SP0015 purple sparkly hair band (ponytail wrap around)

SP0014 gold sparkly hair band

SP0011 pink bow bun cover - child size

SP0010 dark pink bow bun cover

SP0009 Pink lace bun cover

SP0008 Pink rose bun cover

SP0007 Red sequins & feather hair clip/brooch

SP0006 Red flower hair clip

SP0005 Red flower hair clip/brooch

SP0004 Red flower hair clip/corsage/brooch

SP0003 Black sparkly head band

SP0002 black feather head band

SP0001 Black & gold sequins head band

SP0034 crystal & AB flower set

SP0033 Royal blue & hot pink flower earrings

SP0032 White flower bun cover

SP0031 Eyeliner Decoration

SP0030 Black Eye Tatoo

SP0029 Yellow shoes neck lace

SP0028 Ivory shoes neck lace

SP0013 pink rose hair band

SP0012 pink bow/rose hair clip

BH0030 Rhinestone brooch 75% off

AY0337 brooch 75% off

AY0336 Brooch 75% off

GL0060 Lace fingerless gloves in White - Clearance Sale

GL0040 white lace gloves - Clearance Sale